HIP HOP lessons for kids

Hei, man, "wanna" dance with us? Easy HIP-HOP lessons in English for kids. In a few months we'll be ready to make a good performance in June, for our before summer festival at school. Join us!

A.  Little webquest realted to the culture of HIP-HOP:

1. What's hip-hop?
2. What's hip-hop music?
3. What's "beatboxing"?
4. What's a "MC"?
5. Who invented the hip-hop?
6. What are the 4 pillars where this culture is based on?
7.  Tell 4 minor genres of hip hop?
8. What does the term "gansta" mean?
B. JAM TIME Dance Crew

LESSON 1: the window
LESSON 2: the point
LESSON 3: the helicopter
LESSON 4:  the bird
LESSON 5: back to life

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