Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Have you ever flown to Heathrow, one of the biggest airports in the world?

 Here you have some new webpages where you can learn how to chek in at the airport and some airport vocabulary.

1. Checking in at the airport - Conversation

Clerk: Good Morning.
Mr S : Is this the right desk? My flight is BA123.
Clerk: Yes, that's right. I need your passport and your ticket, please.
Mr S: There you go.
Clerk: Thank you. Do you have any luggage to check in Mr Smith?
Mr S: Yes, these two suitcases.
Clerk: Could you put them on the conveyor belt, please.
Mr S: Sure. I don't think they are over.
Clerk: No. That's fine. Would you like a window or an aisle seat?
Mr S: A window seat, please.
Clerk: ... Here are your luggage tags and your boarding card. Your seat is 36B.
Mr S: Thank you. What is the boarding time?
Clerk: The plane is boarding in 30 minutes. You leave from Gate 15. Have a good flight.
Mr S: Thank you. Goodbye.  

2. Exercice of CHECK IN

3. If you don't want to check in this way, do it by yourself with a check-in machine or on-line (click on the picture):

4. Would you like to book a flight to London? Do it at a Travel Agency ... but if you don't have enough time to go, try to book a flight at by INTERNET from Madrid to Toronto with Air Canada

5. And finally play with this vocabulary:



DOCUMENTS FOR U.S.A. and Canadian Territories 

6.  The ESTA: the Electronic System for Travel Authorization.

Resultado de imagen de esta

7. This is a Declaration Card, a document that we have to fill up with personal information about our staying before entering Canadian territory. It is given on the plane before the landing.  

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