Sunday, March 29, 2009


En inglés con 1ºESO vamos a aprender bien qué cosas son contables o incontables. Para ello aquí tenéis unos ejercicios que os van a ayudar:

b. EX 1
c. EX 2
d. Ahora juega en el supermercado: THE TROLLEY DASH
e. Y ahora vamos a ponernos a prueba con este vídeo y estos ejercicios

And now let's do some more exercises:

1.   There isn’t ___ butter in the refrigerator, is there?
2.   I bought ____ peas and ____ beans at the supermarket.
3.   We don’t have ___ eggs to make an omelette.
4.   We must go to the bank. We need ___ some money.
5.   There isn’t  ___ honey in the jar but you can have ____ jam.
6.   There are _______ people waiting outside the cinema.
7.   I haven’t ___ salt. Could you lend me ____?
8.   I bought her ___ flowers for her 40th birthday.
9.   We haven’t ___ cherries but there are _____ strawberries.
10. Are there _____ English books in the library?
11. There were _____ mistakes in the dictation you made last Monday.
12. Would you like _____ cream in your coffee?
13. They never drink ____ beer. They don’t like it.
14. Could you lend me ____ money to buy the newspaper?
15. Are there ____ children playing in the park?

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