Thursday, March 11, 2010

@ Think monkey: ALREADY, YET , STILL or ANY MORE? (4ºESO)

1. Already
("ya")normally refers to something that is in the present or recent past. It is mainly used in affirmative sentences and usually expresses surprise that something has happened sooner than expected (Present Perfect): "He has already found his keys"

2. We use yet ("todavía no") in questions to ask whether something has happened up to the present time. Not yet then indicates that it hasn't happened yet. (Present Perfect): "Has he found his keys yet?"

3. We use still ("todavía") in questions, affirmative and negative sentences to indicate that something is not finished and that we are perhaps surprised or concerned about this. (Present and Past Simple): "He is still my friend"

4. We use anymore or any more ("ya no") to say that something has stopped in a recent past (Present and Past Simple): "He isn't my friend any more"

And now some EXERCISES:



3. And now, TRANSLATE:

Already, Yet, Any More, Still

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i like it , i already understand . thanks