Thursday, May 07, 2015

@ Bruce Lee phylosophy and MINDFULNESS

 In this post, we're going to study a bit of Bruce Lee's phylosophy for life. Mainly, when our students must face their daily problems and must solve their own troubles. ADAPTATION is the key word when our kids need to start a new phase in their learning, sometimes a difficult path that we, teachers, must teach with our example.

1. Watch the two videos and think:
  1. In this context, who is water?
  2. What can water do?
  3. And the teapot, what does the teapot represent? 
  4. Empty your mind.... What for?
  5. What is this advice useful for? Give us an example
BMW commercial


Scalextric commercial 

2. Now draw the word WATER while you listen to this peaceful music....

3. Now, let's practise a session of mindfulness to help you: MINDFULNESS SESSION

4. And now, see our video made in class.......ACTION!!

Recreation of Buce Lee advertisement from ReyesGMONAJ on Vimeo.

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