Thursday, November 03, 2016

@ Play the scene: "Avatar"

This time, 1ºESO will travel to a new parallel world... Pandora, where any kind of living creature is respected and everybody protects the natural circle of life. But Pandora is in danger... some humans are determined to alter this balance and want to destroy this peaceful land... but WHY?

1. Watch the entire film. Stop several times and repeat the part of script (written underneath)

2. What do these expression mean? Use your dictionnary...

a. forgive me                                                   e. whatever I did...
b. I owe you                                                     f. this is your fault !
c. to be screwed                                              g. you should not come here
d. to come along                                              h. maybe you should teach me

3. The film is a fierce defender of the Nature, what does Neytiri want to mean when she mentions these two concepts? What does she defend?

 1. The great Mother
  2. Sky people

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