Thursday, August 30, 2012

@ Inventions of our ages

Did you know that the mop is a Spanish invention? 
Let's see some human inventions on this timeline which were developped during the Industrial Revolution and then, have a look to the task you'll have to do about the subject.
(if you can't display the timeline correctly, go to and look for inventions of Industrial Revolution by ReyesGMONAJ)

Ready to work now in groups? Your objective will be to learn how the e-tool, ( works and to make your own timelime on a specific subject with these steps.

  • What  do youn know about the Industrial Revolution? Write a few lines (6-7) about it showing the time it happened (century) and the historical causes that provoked it.
  • What do all the industrial inventions appearing on the timeline mean? Make a list with all their equivalents in Spanish with the e-tool wordreference.
STEP 2: making a timeline
  • Brainstorming: talk to your work group and decide about the subject you are going to treat on your timeline.
  • Choose 5 or 7 items to put on your timeline
  • Go to wikipedia and other internet historic resources to find enough information about events and dates 
  • Register on  and start!

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