Thursday, August 16, 2012

@Mufasa scolds his son...

This time, we'll travel to the magic world of Walt Disney by means of one of its best mouvies for kids: "The Lion King" (1994). Have you ever watched it? I'm sure yes! Follow the instructions below, increase your vocabulary with the expressions used by Mufasa when scolding his son and PLAY THE SCENE!:

1. Play the video from min. 4:50 to 5:55
2. Scroll down the script and spot the different underlined expressions, what do they mean?
3. Play the scene with a schoolmate.

*clic HERE if it doesn't work well

4. Mufasa and some vocabulary related to the cinema. Complete the missing letters on this cinema vocabulary:

1.  AC...: acto
2.  ....CENE: escena
3.  ROL....., PART: papel
4.  MAIN CHARACT...R: personaje principal
5.  SUPPORTING ACT.....R: actor de reparto o secundario
6.  SCRI.....T: guión
7.  PERFORMAN.....E: actuación
8.  FILM PRE.....IERE: estreno de una película
9.  LIGHT...., CAMERA, ACTION: ¡luz, cámara, acción!
10. FILM  ....TUDIO: estudio de grabación

5. Now let's play the scene but first we need THE MASK OF A LION...!

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