Friday, January 10, 2014

@ What happens with our social media profiles when we die?

For as long as the human race has existed, we've been concerned about what happens when we die. Past civilizations envisioned everything from chilly limbos to lush gardens of delight but modern humans have a problem the ancients never needed to consider: what becomes of our online selves when we die? (via WhoIsHostingThis?)

EXERCISE TO DO: Clic on the skull picture, analyse the infographics and  answer these questions below.

1. Does Google guarantee a full deactivation of a deceased user's account? Why? What can you do?

2. How many users on facebook die every minute in the all world?

3. How many accounts belong to dead people in these days on Facebook?

4. What are some of the on line services currently available to help you to plan for a suitable digital death?

5. What does the sentence  "there are different policies for dealing with deceased users" mean?

6. What does a twiter deactivation require to be successful? And a facebook's one?

7. Complete: "Between ................. and ................. there will be more dead people dead on Facebook than live ones"

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