Tuesday, December 02, 2014

@ LEARNING COOPERATIVE RESSOURCES: "Doubty, the bag of doubts"

How can a teacher clarify doubts before he continues with a lesson after a first explanation? How can he or she know if the whole class has really got the essence of what has been worked in the last sessions or the last year? Here is DOUBTY,  a funny LEARNING COOPERATIVE  TECHNIQUE (the so-called "The bag of doubts") to make your students (working by groups) clarify their doubts without asking the teacher directly. 


1. Each student writes his/her doubt individually in a piece of paper (a question, a personal doubt, a clarification...remember that the doubt must be precise) Time: 5 min.
2. The group tries to clarify the doubt of any member  (if there isn't any doubt about the subject, it's ok, they all have understood the main concepts or they are ready to continue with the lesson) Time: 7 min. 
2. The teacher collects all the papers and puts them in "DOUBTY"
3. The teacher takes out the papers one by one and raises the questions that weren't solved by the groups. The doubts can be solved by the teacher or by the students in other groups.

* "Bag of doubts" made with a plastic can of cocoa and some eva foam.........................................

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